Application-Aware Network Performance Management

Actionable performance insight to quickly find and troubleshoot network and application problems

Cascade Profiler

(Performance Monitoring)

Proactive monitoring and troubleshooting of application and network performance

Cascade Shark

(Packet Capture Appliance)

Continuous packet capture and deep packet analysis

Cascade Shark Virtual Edition

(Packet Capture Software)

Monitor and troubleshoot virtual environments

Cascade Gateway

(Flow Collection)

Network flow collection for Cascade® Profiler

Cascade Sensor

(Packet Inspection)

End-to-end Layer 7 application visibility for Cascade Profiler

Cascade Pilot

(Packet Analysis)

Fast packet, transaction and multi-segment analysis in a single graphical console

Wireshark Enhancement Products

Products specifically designed to enhance the Wireshark user experience

Cascade Pilot Personal Edition

(Packet Analysis)

LAN analyzer for quick, graphical analysis of multi-TB data sets


(802.11 Wireless Packet Capture)

Easy-to-deploy packet capture device for 802.11 wireless networks


(Gigabit Ethernet simultaneous packet capture and injection)

Full-rate 1GbE multi-port traffic capture and aggregation

News & Events

Sharkfest ‘13

Wireshark Developers & User Conference

June 16-19, UC Berkeley, California


Riverbed ACquires Cace

CACE Technologies’ state-of-the-art network traffic analysis, recording, monitoring, and reporting are now an integral part of the Riverbed Cascade® application-aware network performance management solution.
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